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So you adopted a new dog! What's next?!

Congratulations! You've adopted a new dog as your pet! You fell in love with this new furry bundle of joy and spent a small fortune on toys, food, blankets, bed and leashes. So now what? 

Your new love was rescued, had a sad past but now must live together you and your family. Cohabitation can prove to be difficult. Accidents, chewing your belongings, nipping / biting, jumping, stealing food, unknown fears and the list goes on. 

What is the solution? Dog Training is the solution. Most rescue dogs have little to no Obedience training. They may have picked up "sit" and "down" but are lost when it comes to walking on the leash, separation anxiety, resource guarding, rules and boundaries and what is and is not a scary threat. 

Contact / 973-652-4325 to help ensure the dogs transition into his/her new home and be able to live peacefully with you and your family. 

Adam Casper

Casper Dog Training

Be a true rescuer and get the dog training, you won't regret it!

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