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The most important thing I've learned while Dog Training

Years ago when I decided to become a dog trainer  I had one key hurdle and promise to myself, clients and especially the dogs and that was remain calm and don't EVER lose your cool. Now when you have limited experience that's easier said than done. My dog, a Yellow Labrador named Dozer put me to my test. "COME" "COME" Dozer I'm serious "COME". The dog acted like he was either a stranger or he was messing with me. These were all commands he knew and that we worked on it was something else. I lost it. I admit it I was mad and embarrassed in front of the clients. It wasn't until I said "eff-it" he'll either do it or not. I lost it in a different way. I lost the emotional angle in this scenario, You see we control WAY more than you think with out our

own knowledge of it. As soon as I took the emotional attachment out of if, Dozer the dog performed as expected plus I felt a sense of calm. 

So when you are out there training your dog and you feel that ball of frustration, anger or whatever remember: let it go, try to relax, give you and your dog a break. It will work. I promise, cool and calm always wins.

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