Puppy & dog behavior reboot with consultation in 6 wks

Your dog will go from...


to this

The 6 week behavior reboot is designed to help owners and dogs get back on track with their obedience. Many people have satisfactory results post training but the human obedience slips and the dog regresses. now there's a way to correct the canine behavior and refresh the humans dog handling skills in only 6 sessions!

Do you need this course? ask yourself  these questions:

  • Does my dog jump on people? Pull on the leash? Bark constantly?

  • Does my dog follow commands consistently that they previously had?

  • Does my dog seem confused when I ask her to do something?

  • Has my dog started chewing or counter surfing when she hadn't before?

  • Is my dog really potty trained or crate trained?

  • Does my dog sometimes suffer from separation anxiety?

  • Does my dog have accidents recently?

  • Is my dog depressed? Not interested in play, treats or food?

If your dog shows any of these signs Then this course is for you!!!

What we can do about it?

One six week course can "reboot" you and your dog to be like new. 

  1. We will go over do's and don'ts to keep both you and your dog's behavior predictable and consistent.

  2. Scheduling and overall obedience training and maintenance.

  3. Walking the dog: on/off leash, hiring a pro dog walker.

  4. Good housekeeping: In the yard, blanket, toys, etc.

  5. Homecoming greeting: What to do and what not to do. 

  6. Discipline, correction or scolding and what's the difference...

How much does this cost?

This 6 week course is flexible.

  1. Session booking can be 1 session per week for 6 weeks (minimum requirement). Each session is 50 Mins to 1 hr 15 minutes. *All training must be completed within 60 days of the first session. 

  2. Cost per full course is $750 or $125 per training session.

  3. Payments are expected as $750 - paid in full or $125 per week for 6 weeks